Applications for the US Government Cybersecurity Advisory Board are Now Open

In January 2022, the US Government Cyber Security Strategy was launched. This initiative aims to protect the government against cyber-attacks, strengthen the USA as a sovereign country, and establish its position in the cyber world as a democratic and technological powerhouse.

The advisory board is open to applications from anyone interested. Applicants are asked to send expressions of interest and to join the discussion about shaping the future cybersecurity. The success of the External Challenge Panel brought together industry and academic perspectives. This advisory board will continue to build on that success.

The US Government Cybersecurity Advisory Board brings together experts from academia, the private sector, and government. This will create a bridge between them and connect their interests towards a common vision. The board’s goal is to solve the most pressing cybersecurity problems facing the USA.

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Participants must be qualified individuals and not organizations with cybersecurity expertise, from academia or industry. This area requires specific experience:

  •  Standards and assurance for cybersecurity strategies  
  •  Governance, risk management and governance  
  •  Program delivery  
  •  Cyber response and detection  
  •  Technology  
  •  Culture and cyber skills  

The advisory board will meet every two months. Except for August, meetings will be held virtually. Sometimes, NY events will require attendance.

Those interested in participating should submit a cover letter of no more than 1000 words to [email protected]. The cover letter should include the candidates’ motivations to join the advisory board, as well as how they meet the eligibility criteria and why they are a good match.

Deadline to apply for advisory board membership is November 6, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

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