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With the present situation, virtual conferences are becoming viable alternatives to physical events. If you want to support the Ecom Services Summit, I have made three sponsorship packages available.

Running an event as big as this on my own is a challenge. That is why I am looking for companies to sponsor the event for creating mutual benefits. Keep on reading to learn more.

Jan Koch - home office

With Covid19 forcing people to stay home, shutting down physical conferences and impacting businesses like never seen before, I see virtual summits as an effective way to communicate knowledge and bring like-minded people together.

This virtual conference is meant to educate entrepreneurs and companies in the e-commerce space to not just survive the current crisis but also build sustainable foundations for their businesses.

How It Works

For this conference, I am organizing interviews and presentations with 20+ industry-leading e-commerce experts and service providers to share their best strategies and experiences.

Attendees can sign up for free by subscribing to an email list dedicated to this event. Every day when the summit airs, a selection of sessions will be made publicly available on this website – usually between 3-5. Subscribed attendees then are automatically emailed every day with the new sesions that went live.

The Main Daily Pages

The daily sessions are presented on pages like the one to the right. Below the videos, all the sponsor logos are shown including clickable links that go to the page of your choice.

The Premium sponsor logos are biggest and at the top (max. 300px wide), below are the Super sponsor logos (max. 250px wide) and in the last row are the Light sponsor logos (max. 200px wide).

Jan Koch - home office

Details about my wP Agency Summit (2019)

WP Agency Summit 2019 - Numbers

Registered attendees
Sessions viewed
Countries reached

WP Agency Summit 2019 - Sponsors


WP Agency Summit 2019 - Companies involved

WP Elevation

WP Agency Summit 2019 - Speakers involved

Troy Dean

Troy Dean

WP Elevation

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel

Serial Entrepreneur

Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal

Content Marketing Expert

Joe Howard

Joe Howard

Founder at WP Buffs

Akshat Choudhary

Akshat Choudhary

Blogvault & Malcare

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

iThemes Security

Aaqib Gadit

Aaqib Gadit

CEO of Cloudways

Mor Cohen

Mor Cohen

Owner at FlixFrame

Piccia Neri

UX & UI Expert

Gregory Karelitz

Gregory Karelitz

Global Head of Partnerships, Hubspot

Raya Stoilova

Raya Stoilova

Senior Affiliate Manager at Siteground

Puneet Sahalot

Puneet Sahalot

Founder of IdeaBox Creations

Details about my WP FeedBack Summit (2020)

WP FeedBack Summit 2020 - Sponsors

The WP FeedBack Summit was running until May 2nd, 2020 and I have to pull all the relevant numbers together. On a broad level, I was able to significantly increase the audience size and the sponsors generated hundreds of leads from their virtual booths.

For example, the event got over 100,000 unique website visitors:

About this upcoming ecom services summit

Virtual Summit Format

Important Dates

Marketing Reach

These are The speakers for the upcoming Ecom Services Summit

Day 1

Linda Bustos

Director of Ecommerce Strategy, Elastic Path

Killing the conversion killers: Insights from real-world a/B experiments

How have online retailers like you crushed their conversion killers with A/B testing?In this session, Linda will walk you through some of the most compelling tests from home page through checkout, from free shipping thresholds to enclosed checkout, hero banners and more.

Dennis Yu

CEO at BlitzMetrics

How to double your prices by adding in simple remarketing and analytics

Help you customers understand the value of traffic and conversion so you can sell your services at higher prices. Dennis's program centers around mentorship, helping students grow their experiences to manage social campaigns for companies like Nike, Rosetta Stone or the Golden State Warriors.

Chloë Thomas

Founder at eCommerce Masterplan

The Customer MasterPlan – How to Increase Sales by Marketing to both New and Repeat Customers

It’s easy to focus on just one element of the eCommerce customer journey, but to maximise the performance of any eCommerce business it’s crucial to improve performance at every stage of the customer journey. That means marketing consistently to both New and Repeat Customers.

In this webinar internationally best-selling author and host of the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast Chloë Thomas will introduce you to her Customer MasterPlan model, a tool to help identify where to focus to make the biggest improvements. She’ll also be sharing the most effective and latest tactics for improving performance at each and every stage of the customer journey.

Day 2

Tom Fanelli

CEO at Convesio

PANEL Discussion - Getting to 10x - An Ecommerce Success Panel

Join Tom Fanelli, Kim Doyal, Jamie Sutton, John Schultz and Robert Jacobi, as they talk about: Marketing strategies that will help scale your revenue, reduce your cost of customer acquisition, overcoming technical challenges, and evaluating Shopify vs. WooCommerce for general pro's and con's.

Chris Lema

VP of Products at Nexcess

Recipes to Take Your Sales And eCommerce to the Next Level

Chris Lema began building eCommerce stores in 1997 - when it took huge teams, years, and lots of money. Today he evangelizes open source products like WordPress and WooCommerce because of how easy and fast they make things. He’s a regular blogger and public speaker - known for his storytelling. Today Chris is the VP of Products at Nexcess, a Liquid Web brand, where he's designed and launched the first hosting platform dedicated to WooCommerce.

Melissa Campanelli

Founder of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle

A Conversation About Women Leading In E-Commerce & Tech

Join Melissa Campanelli, the co-founder of Women in Retail Leadership Circle and the brand and content director of the Retail and Travel Group at NAPCO Media as she interviews Vanathy Lakshmi, the vice president of digital product at Sally Beauty Holdings.

During their wide-ranging discussion, Vanathy will discuss key e-commerce and tech accomplishments she has achieved during her career; how the e-commerce division at Sally Beauty is changing due to COVID-19; what it's like to be a woman in tech today; and much more!

Adam Lacey

Founder of Split Hero

Lessons Learned From Building a split-Testing Software

Adam is the co-founder of Split Hero and shares in his sessions the most critical lessons learned from building a split-testing solution from scratch. We also go over various challenges that come with properly running split-tests for your customers and talk about analyzing split-test results.

Michelle Frechette

Customer Success at GiveWP

Improving customer churn in times of crisis

In her interview, Michelle walks us through how she built a Customer Success department from scratch and managed to increase revenue by 21% in Q1/2020 through improving the customer churn trates.

She shares a 5-step process you can start implementing today to keep customers from cancelling their subscriptions - or implement it for your clients so their subscription websites continue to grow.

Day 3

Marcus Ohanesian

Shopify Project Manager at Trellis

Building Optimized Shopify Product Pages

In this presentation, Marcus will walk you through the process of creating and refining Product Detail Pages in Shopify for better conversion rates. He'll cover various elements you can add or should remove from the Product Detail Page in order to maximize the Add-to-Cart's.

Savannah Sanchez


Snapchat for E-Commerce: Winning Strategies to Scale on Snapchat Ads

Savannah Sanchez will walk you through her exact account structure that has enabled her to scale multiple 7-figure e-commerce brands using Snapchat ads.

Savannah has been working with the Snapchat ad platform for the past two years and has gained official Snapchat Partner due to the success she has had with her clients on Snapchat. She will show you how to set up your ads like a pro and the creative best practices she follows.

Clifford Almeida

Founder at MyWebAudit

Win E-Commerce Clients By Selling Comprehensive Audits

In this session, Cliff walks us through his approach of selling e-commerce audits to get your foot into the door with new leads and bringing on e-commerce brands to profitable retainers or well-paid redesign projects.

Azriel Ratz

Founder at RatzPack Media

How to Build & Run A Profitable PPC Agency

Azriel is managing multiple $100k in ad spend for his customers every month.

In this session, he explains how he got his agency started and how he is handling the day-to-day work with his clients.

After watching this session, you'll understand what it takes to build and grow a profitable PPC advertising agency.

Day 4

Michael Ugino

Co-Founder & CMO at Sellbrite

Crushing E-commerce with multi-channel strategies

In this masterclass, Michael Ugino explains how Sellbrite's customers are scaling their businesses through multi-channel sales. We talk about challenges that come with managing multiple channels, how to strategically add or remove sales channels, and also cover some lessons learned from the experience of growing Sellbrite.

Bryce Adams

Founder at Metorik

Bootstrapping a SaaS in the e-commerce space

Bryce has been working for Automattic and WooCommerce before he started building the WooCommerce extension Metorik. He's going to share the exact process of starting his SaaS business in this masterclass.

You'll learn about evaluating ideas, getting the initial traction for your business and scaling to over 1000+ stores using your solution.

Thomas Fanchin

Growth & Community at Weglot

Mastering Multilingual Ecommerce

Thomas will walk us through a proven process of setting up a successful multilingual e-commerce platform. We'll talk about concepts, strategies for managing multilingual e-ecommerce and actual implementation as well.

Day 5

Topher DeRosia


Introduction to BigCommerce for WordPress

See how you can integrate the powerful BigCommerce shopping engine into WordPress. Discover Themes, Plugins and Integrations that make WP work well with BigCommerce and explore common use-cases.

Raluca Radu

Co-Organizer of GPeC RO

Breaking Down 8 E-Commerce Myths

Raluca breaks down eight of the most common e-commerce myths based on her 7-years experience in training and working with e-commerce brands. You'll learn what the "Digital Mighty Achilles" myth means, how to properly calculate ROAS and a lot more.

Kristen LaFrance

Mayor of DTC Twitter & Host of Playing for Keeps Podcast

Actionable Strategies To Help Your Clients Improve Their Customer Retention

Mayor of DTC Twitter, host of the Playing for Keeps podcast, and host of Privy's new podcast segment eCom Noms, Kristen LaFrance is an expert on all things eCommerce. For Kristen, it's all about people over metrics. Her mission is to help DTC operators build long standing brands by focusing on authentic customer relationships.

Akshat Choudhary

CEO at Blogvault
and MalCare

How to protect WordPress-based shops from Data-Loss

One thing that e-commerce businesses absolutely cannot afford is down-time. Akshat is going to explain how to protect the shops of your customers from being hacked and data-loss, using state-of-the-art security practices.

Michael Siegel

Co-Founder at Decocrated

Lessons learned from building a 7-figure Subscription Business

Michael has co-founded which sells boxes with decoration items on a subscription model. We'll talk about lessons learned from growing Decocrated to seven figures in annual revenue.

Rhonda Swan

Founder of Unstoppable Agency

Closing Keynote: Leveraging PR to Position Your Agency

Rhonda is a seven-figure brand strategist and explains in her closing keynote, how you can leverage PR to position your agency as authority in the market. She walks you through her three-step branding exercise and explains in detail, how you can fully take advantage of PR.

The Summit Has Three Sponsorship Packages

Bronze Sponsorship

Support the event and get your clickable logo on the website. Get promoted to all attendees through email and shout-outs during the event.


$750 USD

Silver Sponsorship

Get involved in the event with your own talk and a dedicated sponsors page, where you can run a giveaway and build your own list.


$2000 USD

1 slot available

Gold Sponsorship

Get your video ad into all sessions and be a sponsor for the live hangouts. Also includes everything in the Silver Sponsorship.


$6000 USD

Prices do not include VAT. If you’d like to speak with me before sponsoring, you can book a call here.

Sponsorship Options Gold Sponsor (2x) Silver Sponsor
(1 left)
Bronze Sponsor (8x)
Place on the Sponsors page. Top, max. 300px Middle, max. 250px Bottom, max. 200px
Opportunity to host a live panel discussion during the summit.
Clickable logo on all pages of the summit website.
Custom-branded embed code for the live sessions.
Logo+description exposure to the audience via a dedicated email presenting ALL the Sponsors on the 22nd of May (3 days before the start of the event).
"Thank You" mention during the kick-off webinar on May 24th.
Capture emails on your Sponsor's page by running giveaways, competitions, etc.
Speaker spot during the summit.
Clickable logo inside daily summit emails with speaker session links.
Dedicated promo email to our audience, 2-12 weeks after the Summit and featured interview on WP Mastery.
10s video ad clip during each video (at the start and end, spun between sponsors).
Sponsoring the live kick-off webinar and the live hangouts during the event.

The GOLD Sponsorship in detail:

The SILVER Sponsorship in detail:

The BRONZE Sponsorship in detail: