Black Box Penetration Testing Definition

You must think like a hacker to stop them. This is penetration test (pen testing). Depending on the organization’s needs, there are many pen testing methods that can be used. Black box penetration testing is an example. It does not require any knowledge about the network or software, and it can be done against real-world hack scenarios. This […]

White Box Penetration Testing Definition

White box testing allows penetration testers to test an internal system for weaknesses and break in. This is why it is so important. Cyber security is often taken as a given. Organisations assume that their applications’ security is adequate as it is, at least until something goes wrong. Service outages and data breaches are a result of […]

Penetration Testing Best Practices

One of the best ways for organisations to protect sensitive data is through penetration testing. It’s imperative that you take action now, with more than 5 Billion records being breached last year . This is approximately $4.24 Million (or EUR3.71 Million). This blog will explain the basics of penetration testing consulting services and offer some tips to […]