Hacking vs Penetration testing

What’s the difference between ethical hacking and penetration testing? When referring to internal cybersecurity tests, the terms penetration test and ethical hackers are often interchangeable. However, they are not the same. Anyone responsible for protecting an organization’s assets must be able to distinguish between them. They are often used in different situations to achieve different goals. It is not […]

Manual vs Automated Penetration Testing

Both automated and manual penetration testing can be used for the same purpose. They are both conducted in the same way. Manual penetration testing, as the name implies, is performed by humans (experts in this field), while automated penetration testing can be done by machines. This chapter will explain the meanings, differences, and application of each term. […]

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Testing

Have you ever had to pay for something? Services for penetration testing You can get a 100-page “penetration testing report” listing all vulnerabilities found by vulnerability scanning software. You’re not the only one. This is a common problem, since many vendors offer vulnerability assessment as well as penetration testing. This article will help you find a vendor that offers high-quality […]

Security Audit vs Penetration Testing

Ransomware attacks such as WannaCry or NotPetya that were launched last year changed cybersecurity forever. WannaCry was the first global multi-vectored attack of its kind. It infected over 200,000 computers in 150 countries and caused havoc. This fundamental shift is that bad actors now use (leaked) military grade hacking tools created by the National Security Agency […]

Security Testing vs Penetration Testing

Don’t let the title Security Testing vs Pentesting confuse you. You can choose one or the other depending on your requirements. Pentesting, or Penetration Testing, is actually a type of Security Testing. This article will discuss Security Testing in detail, focus on Pentesting, as well as the differences between Pentesting and other types of Security Tests. Cyberattacks are […]

Penetration Testing vs Bug Bounty

Both can be used to fix and detect vulnerabilities. What is the difference between Bug bounty and Penetration testing? Which one should you choose? Penetration Testing is used to identify vulnerabilities in web development platforms and simulate attacks to prevent them. What is the difference? Which one should you choose? What’s Penetration Testing? Pen Testing, also known […]

Penetration Testing Best Practices

One of the best ways for organisations to protect sensitive data is through penetration testing. It’s imperative that you take action now, with more than 5 Billion records being breached last year . This is approximately $4.24 Million (or EUR3.71 Million). This blog will explain the basics of penetration testing consulting services and offer some tips to […]