iOS Penetration Testing Tools

The second most used mobile operating system is iOS.

Security testing your iOS apps for known and unknown security flaws is a must after they have been developed. What are the best iPhone hacking tools and tools to reverse engineer or penetration test iOS apps?

In this post we will be looking at the top iOS pentesting tools to reverse engineer and penetration test iOS apps in 2022. However, iOS pentesting apps aren’t as popular as Android because of strict security rules that prevent these apps from being published in the App Shop.

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jailbreak your iPhone to install these iPhone hacking tools and apps. These tools and apps will be downloaded from Cydia, an alternative repository. Jailbreakingyour iPhone can void your warranty and could cause data loss.

Let me add that not all of these iPhone hacking apps and tools are your standard “hacking tool” as we saw in the top ethical hacking Tools post.

They are useful if you want to use the iOS software to communicate with it or if your goal is to learn how to ethical hack an iPhone.

Let’s get started.

1. Cydia Impactor

Cydia , a GUI tool used by iOS pentesters to work with Apple mobile devices, is Cydia .

This file is especially useful for installing an iOS app on an iPhone if you have the IPA file. This is particularly important if you need to install an iOS pentesting tool or app that isn’t available in the Apple App Store.

If you have a Jailbreak IPA you can use Cydia Impactor for Jailbreak exploit IPA installation on your iOS device. You can also use it to exploit Android master keys vulnerabilities.

2. Burp Suite

Burp Suite intercepts traffic from your iOS network.

It can be used to monitor traffic flow and gain insight into the operation of your target iOS app. You can browse the application using your iPhone’s web browser. All traffic will be routed through the proxy tool. You should try it if you really want to explore iOS security testing.

3. iRET

iRET is another top iOS pentesting tool created by Veracode.

It is used mainly by iOS pentesters to perform binary analysis, such as reading log files and database content. It is used for performing the repetitive tasks involved in iPhone hacking to provide an efficient iOS penetration testing experience.

4. iWep Pro

iWep Pro, a popular iOS pentesting tool, is used to test wireless utilities.

You can use it for many purposes, including to check if your router is vulnerable to wireless security threats. This iOS penetration tester tool can be used to generate a WEP key for your router. It can also be used to hack passwords on wireless networks. It can hack passwords with varying degrees success, depending on what encryption type you use.

5. Myriam iOS

Myriam iOS Security is a popular iOS pentesting tool that was created by a security researcher.

It is very helpful, especially for beginners to iOS pentesting as it includes utilities that allow you to exploit vulnerabilities in iOS apps. It has the following outstanding features: in-app data modification and bypassing app activation. It is free to download and open-source on GitHub.

6. Paraben DS

Paraben Device Search is a popular iOS pentest tool used by forensic investigators to examine iOS devices.

To use this iOS security tool, first install it on your computer. Next, launch the GUI and connect your iPhone. There are many features that can be used to test your iPhone’s security, including data acquisition, physical and logical imaging, password bypass, and data carving. It’s a paid tool but it’s worth it if you’re serious about a career as an iOS security tester.

7. Cycript

Cycript, an iOS pentesting tool, allows you to see and interact with iOS applications.

You can use it to execute different commands and perform iOS penetration testing tasks. It has great functionality like syntax highlighting and tab completion, giving it a desktop-like feel.

Cycript offers many functionalities, including the ability to inject into your processes and foreign functional calls.

8. iNalyzer

AppSec Laboratories iNalyzer can be used to manipulate iOS apps, alter parameters and methods.

It automates iOS testing by showing the internal logic of the target iOS app and the correlation between hidden functions. iNalyzer, the most powerful iOS pen tester, will eliminate any need for brute force, fuzzing or SQL injection.

9. Frida

Frida, another popular iOS penetration testing tool used by security testers for iPhones, is also a great one. It is used by iPhone hackers for injecting JavaScript V8 engine in iOS process runtime.

This iOS security tool supports both jailbreak and non-jailbreak operations. You’ll find Frida easier to use with jailbreak as it allows you to take full control of the system services and apps.

10. iSpy

iSpy, another popular iOS penetration testing tool, is used for reverse engineering iPhone apps.

It is often used by iOS hackers for dynamic analysis of iOS apps. It has an easy-to-use GUI that allows you to perform class dumps, instance tracking and bypass jailbreak detection bypass. This iOS reverse engineering tool can be downloaded open-source on GitHub.

11. netKillUIbeta

NetKillUIbeta, a top-rated iOS pentesting tool that includes wifi cracking utilities, is highly recommended.

This is designed to prevent background apps from using network bandwidth. It can be downloaded together with all dependencies from Cydia’s app repository. You can trace your MAC address back to yourself by using this iOS pentest app while on a public network.


Apple doesn’t approve these iOS pentesting tools, as it isn’t in line with their security policies.

It is important to be cautious when installing iPhone hacking apps from third-party repositories. To avoid data loss, jailbreaking your iPhone to install these apps will void your warranty.

These iPhone penetration testing tools can be used to reverse engineer your iOS apps or for iOS pentesting.

You can dive deeper into the subject of iOS penetration test by reading this penetration tests tutorials online article. Some of these tools don’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone.

Finally, although some of these iPhone hacking devices can be used to diagnose problems, others are potentially deadly so take care.

Are you familiar with these iOS pentesting tools? Are there any other iOS security testing or reverse engineering tools I haven’t mentioned? We would love to hear your experiences with iOS pentesting.

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